1986 chevy camero z28?

when pressing the brake pedal down the car wants to pull to the right then when you let up off the pedal the car then pulls to the left but just driving the brakes dont stick just when pushing the pedal ..
already has new front brakes and rotors


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It sounds like you have either a caliper or brake hose prblem.

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sounds like a caliper sticking and a front end problem

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Your left brake caliper is locked up. I suggest changing both though. Change the hoses too.

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I agree you have a bad caliper get it fixed before it sticks on you.

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Caliper for sure, had the same thing on my 1982 Trans Am

I want to know?

You have a brake hose or a brake caliper problem. It could be a variety of issues, from a caliper thats sticking on one side or a brake hose that has come apart on the inside and not letting fluid and pressure release when you take your foot off the brake pedal.

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Since brakes aren't a good thing to mess around and make bit by bit fixes replace both brake calipers and and both front brake hoses.
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