What do u think of the ford focus?


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The first two years had some production problems. A very economical and dependable ride really. They offer several different body styles.

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cheap very cheap and I would never drive or ride in one.

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I'm thinkin..yeah baby 12" lift kit with 33" tires and chrome rims. Convert it into 4 wheel drive add lawnmower blades and a snowblower with snow plow and paint it yellow with pink polka dots and orange butterfies....oh and dont forget to put the rainbow decals on it. Yeah the Ford Focus Rocks.

Is there an engine swap for a '91 Chevy Cavalier Z28?

cheap cars with bad transmissions and not worth the price, the 06 ford focus is susposed to be better and said to have a better transmission

1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

Depends on which continent your at.

Anybody out there have a chevy aveo? im looking to purchase an 07 for work...?

The rest of the world enjoys the C1 based Focus, or known as the European Focus. Overthere, it's very popular, a great seller, and actually worldwide it's the best selling car, in yearly totals.

Anyone no where i can buy a decent ford escort xr3i thanks?

As for the American one, it didn't have the best of start for the first 2 years. It was cheapened a bit to make it affordable for consumers. At this point though, and in it's segment, it's one of the better handling vehicles in it's class. Very comodious for it's size as well. Supposedly there's a new 2008 Focus that will debut soon, which gave it an overhaul.

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Granted, the difference between the US Focus, and EU Focus, is the EU Focus now has a newer platform, C1. C1 might sound familiar since the Volvo S40, and Mazda3 are built on the same platform, which is a reason those vehicles are also fun to drive. The US Focus is riding on the C170 platform, which isn't very much different than C1, other than a few more structural modifications that improve isolation and handling a tad more.

Are body kits difficult to intall?

Overall the vehicle has come a long way, yet it's still trying to shed a bad stigma it had from the first few years of sales. It had about 5 recalls in the first few years, so you have the nay-sayers preaching this, while turning a blind eye that their beloved Honda Odyssey and BMW X5 hold the record at 15 recalls, and the beloved newly introduced Civic already had 6 just last year alone.

Is my transmission going bad?

But go ahead and test drive one out, thats the best way to judge :)

Programming a keyless remote for a ford?

Hope this helps...

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It's a Ford and there are better cars in it's class out there

Is there an e-mail address for Carroll Shelby?

I work for Ford but I think the focus is way too small and is a road hazard. Because of this your insurance rates will be higher.
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