1992 Volvo 240... does it have an egr valve?

Does the 1992 volvo 240 sedan have an EGR valve. If so, where is is it located?


Should I worry about SRS warning light that came on in my C230 Mercedes Benz?

yes it does.

Civic Tranny Question?

u.s. federal modles do not. .some california models may [a pipe bolted to the exhaust manifold that runs to the intake manifold with a vacume operated valve at the intake end of metal tube] this was on a car also equipped with 2 asperator valves located on the exhaust side of engine hope this helps

I just bought a 1997 jetta gl and i wanted to put after martket rims on it i have 17in is that to big.?

Yes, it has an EGR valve. See links.

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EGR valve is located below intake manifold.
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