1995 Ford Ranger Transmisson Problem?

I have a 1995 ford ranger 2.3 - 5 speed. The problem I'm having is this. After the truck is driven a couple miles or so, my clutch will not disenage when the clutch pedal is press. Therefore i can not put the truck into any gear. If I let it sit awhile the problems goes away. Or if i bleed the slave cylinder the problem goes away until if drive for a little while. I think that slave cylinder is bad (leaking) but i am not sure. If the slave cylinder is bad will i have to disconnect the bell housing to change it.


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Are you 100% sure that the slave cylinder is leaking?
Here is what my manual shows as steps for replacing:
Using coupling disconnect tool No. T88T-70522-A or equivalent, disconnect hydraulic coupling at transmission by sliding white plastic sleeve toward clutch slave cylinder while tugging on tube.
Remove transmission.
Remove clutch housing to transmission attaching bolts, then separate clutch housing from transmission.
Remove slave cylinder from transmission input shaft.

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check all the lines and the clutch master cyclinder. If you are indeed going to do the slave cylinder I would HIGHLY recommend replacing the clutch pad, pressure plate and throwout bearing at the same time. As long as you have to drop the transmission out. Unless those are almost new we always recommend replacement to save on labor or pulling the transmission later to replace them. And they are not overly exspensive.

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Good luck

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It sounds to me like your slave is bad, Their is a fork that slides inside of your housing and their is a plastic clip that holds the slave in place.

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If the slave cylinder leaks, usually that's where there's a leak, the transmission has to be removed to change it. When the new one is put in, usually you don't have to bleed it, just pump the pedal a few times and the pedal will build up.
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