1985 chevy c10 Silverado in complete ORIGINAL perfect condition be worth?

How much would a 1985 chevy c10 Silverado 2wd in complete ORIGINAL perfect condition be worth? Truck is in Arizona and has been garaged its whole life. No rust. Everything is original! Body is perfect.


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There is no Blue Book value for this truck.So your best bet would be to check the Ads for trucks that are comparable, especially in those Classic Auto Circulars that you find everywhere.This is what Insurance Companies do when they have to appraise a vehicle to replace it.

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It really depends what engine it has in it, if it a short bed or a long bed. If it is a short bed with a 305 or something I would guess about 10 to 15 thousand. The long beds and engines with a six cilinder aren't as demanding so the price would go down.

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in perfect condition probly about 8000dollars how many miles different things come to play when pricing a truck but one thing is for sure trucks hold value but doesnt increase much w/o lots of work put in them if 4/4 yes i could agree w/ the one guys answer well one way to get an est. used cars buyers guide.sold at auto parts stores and conveinience stores.
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