Who makes the best diesel engine meaning the best horsepower and acceleration etc?



Karmann Ghia help?

The word "best" in this case is very subjective, rather than objective.

Do you know where I can get origional type speeker replacements for 50s & 60s cars?

Duramax is the new kid on the block. I prefer a MB.

How can i increase horsepower in my 91 stock v6 camaro i have a shift kit but not enough?

The 81 Volkswagen Rabbit 2.2l diesel with 48 hp to boot and 4.775 foot pounds of torque!

Reliability and keyless entry for a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS?

Umm. Depends, on how much torque there is. Trucks now depend on torque and horsepower to tow. The heavier the truck the less amount of acceleration it has. Diesel's are huge and are not known to be quick.

Guys help me out !?


Can you find anything about ford motors and how to fix them?

Dodge and Ford are the best.

How do I set my timing on a '56 Ford 354 ci Hemi?

Ford Powerstroke

How much does it cost to lift a 1999 ford ranger?

2008 Ford Super Duty
Powerstroke 6.4L V8
350hp @ 3000rpm
650lb.-ft. torque @ 2000rpm
Dual Sequential Turbos

Does an automatic engine consume more fuel than a manual engine?

Dodge-Cummins is the best has the most power and less cost for mainteance, Which pays off

Early 70s VW Beetle?

The Chevy

Where is the fuse box on a .....?

Cummins Diesel
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