1974 chevy k-10 wont go into high loc (blazer 350)?

My friend has a 1974 Chevy Cheyenne Super 10 1/2 ton with a 350 small block automatic out of a blazer. The tranny goes into low loc, low, and high just fine but it grinds terribly when you try to put it into high loc. What can I do to fix this short of replacing the transmission. Maybe tighten something, get a new shifter, anything?


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i own a repair shop and you might try re-adjusting the linkage on it,and also make sure its in neutral when you try to go in to high lock that might help it go in better,if that don't help it ,it may have a bad transfer case in it,the transmission wont cause that to happen,good luck i hope this helps.

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It's got nothing to do with the tranny. It's the transfer case.
You need to pull the inpection cover off and put it in gear and see if the sincros are working.
If it's messed up you will find broken teeth , or a broken gear ect...
.Whe you take the oil out of it you should be seeing stuff that is not supposed to be there., Like chunks, LOTS of silver looking colors. Ect.

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Good luck
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