1979 Camaro?

I have a friend who has a 1979 Camaro Berlinetta. He has been looking all over for a new front nose piece for it because his was broken, but hes had no luck. Does anyone know where you can find these or any other restoration parts for these cars?


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that is a very rare car. there probably not too many of the nose's laying around and not too many that are restored. he could take it to a machine shop and see if they can mend the damage.

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The plastic front bumper? You may need to surf eBay for a few weeks, or check out some local bone yards. Year one I think had them, so they might still have a lead on where to get them. They have the ones for the 74-77 and earlier models.
Click on "body" on the left, then look under the heading "Front End/Rear End" for "Urethane Nose"

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Good luck!

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cheak padocks.com

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you can try classicindustries.com.they specialize in old Chevy parts,good luck hope this helps.
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