1982 Honda 500 XL dirtbike gas tank?

Can someone tell me if the 1982 Honda 500 XL have a metal gas tank or a plastic one.Doe's any body have a 1982 Honda 500 XL gas tank I need one. Thanks


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They were metal.

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Your best bet to find one would either be eBay or buying one from a dealer that has an old bike they're willing to sell the tank off of.

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I beleive they were plastic. And know I don't have one.

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Its your lucky day there is one on ebay! buy it, its nice and clean no rist and its METAL! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1982-hond...

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My XL 500 1982 has a Metal tank. I have owned it since new.
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