What do you think about Mustangs?

Hey I want to know...what do you guys think of Mustangs...i have always wanted one.either a brand new 2007 Cobra 500 or a 69/70 fastback. What do you think?


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There is one thing that we all have the freedom to do and that is to have our own opinion. If everyone liked the same thing then all we would have is one type of item to choose from and fortuntely we have many. Personaly I LOVE MUSTANGS they are VERY GOOD LOOKING vehicles. I like the new ones as well as the older models. I have a 1968 Convertable that I am restoring...... If that is what you like then what does it matter what others prefer..live life for yourself because that is the only one you can....ENJOY THAT MUSTANG!!!!!

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buy a dodge real muscle car

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they were only moderatley good in the late 60's early 70's. otherwise, there fords.

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Mustangs today are like REALLY ugly. If you would like to get a American car, I'd would get a classic muscle car along with the other guys but overall I would get a Japanese car like Mitsubishi Eclipse, Nissan 350z, or Mazda Rx7 or RX8 and suke it up.

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HUBBA BUBBA, WOWSA YOWSA!!!A pretty girl in a Mustang (maybe even a convertible would be even better than a hardtop) YOU GO GIRL !! Ever heard the song "Mustang Sally" ? Either car will add at least 2 # to your scale right now (1-10)

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I'd say the classic ones are better in every aspect except for maybe engine speed... I mean, just look at a classic Mustang...BREATHTAKING!

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Mustangs have a history and they are an American institution.
If you can get one, get the Shelby GT500. Join the SAAC and attend one of their annual events and have Carroll Shelby sign the dash or the glove box. The car's value will go up. Shelby won't always be here and when he is gone the cars have to increase even more. I know its morbid but it has been the truth in the past.

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I love Mustangs; they're beautiful animals. If you keep them shod, groomed, and well-fed, with occasional treats of a lump of sugar and/or an apple or carrot, they are wonderful creatures. Oh! Wait a minute! You mean FORD Mustang! They're OK! Although some of the early ones are noted for rust and are frequently found dead along the side of the road - hence the term (F)ix (O)r (R)epair (D)aily or ((F)ound (O)onroad (D)ead.

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Mustangs always have been pretty cool cars but they have always had one minor fault, this may have been corrected on the new Restro Stang of 2007 that is so cooly reminiscent of the 69 & 70 models you also admire for the same classic type look...

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The one draw back of the older Mustangs were that they were underbraked for how much horsepower they put out... meaning that the brakes were neither large enough or efficient enough to stop them fast enough when compared to other manufacturers...

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Us Mopar guys refer to the Mustangs as kid killers for that reason... our opinion is a lot of kids died in accidents needlessly for the want of better braking...

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That said for what you're going to spend having a Mustang period go with the restoration idea on the older 69/70...

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Find a unique or rare one with a special engine, paint color code or paint scheme or odd option packages that collectors seek out

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FYI I almost bought a 1965 Mustang Gt fast back with 289 hi perf. 4 spd paint was fresh Ford Emerald green Metallic from the T-birds of 76/77 with gold fog mist on all the accent lines

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it had white upholstery and black carpet in very nice shape

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owner was selling for only $1200.00 eight months earlier he had turned down $4500.00 cash for it...

What is this brand? What kind of cars do they make?

reasons are

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#1) you can correct the under braking poblem thru addition of newer 4 wheel disc brake system...

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#2) the 2007 will depreciate greatly over the next 10 years before it takes the upswing again in value if it ever does (I believe they will but who can say for sure)

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#3) the 69/70 will only appreciate in value over the entire lenght of time you own it...

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#4) all said and done you will have less money spent in the long run than the 2007 costs... even with upgraded suspension parts like poly graphite bushings, nitrogen gas shocks etc.

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#5) at car shows old stangs bring more attention

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i think its ridiculous to ask that question

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lets just assume you have the money it takes for one ($40,000-$75,000) now does someone with that kinda cash need to ask a bunch of make believe internet mechanics what one it better?

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you go girl, there's a reason FORD stand for First On Race Day.

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They are boxy and not aerodynamic. They put big V8 engines in them and they still go slower than many 6 cylinder and some 4 cylinder cars. I hate their design and they break down easily. The resale value is bad. You could buy a used 2007 Mustang for $10,000. I know someone who did that and then crashed it because the breaks failed. That person is now in a comma. Mustangs are really bad cars.

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Car is a car Chevy Ford Dodge there all good cars. I like mustangs allot and I like camaro's allot too. There good cars with lots of potential underneath the hood.

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I've owned Mustangs ever since they came out in 1964, right now I have 3, a 65, 66 86

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I also run 6 Mustang groups on Yahoo

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links from my group

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Between my husband and I we have owned 24 mustangs (79-94), mainly built for drag racing. If I had to choose I would get the 69, but my husband would go after the 07 Cobra. But in the real world, both of them cost more than I am willing to shell
out all at once. If you have the money get the one you want, no matter what anyone else says. It a personal choice on which car looks better and drives better, each mustang drives different, test them out and see which one you feel comfortable in.
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