What do you think about woman in a Dodge Charger?

I just purchased a new Charger and I'm getting alot of stares, why?


What horsepower is my truck engine?

I would star at a Black Lesbian in a charger also, that is hot!

When is the last year that ford stop producing the Taurus?

the stereotype of the man and a hemi engine. aparently only men can drive that kind or car. bull doodie.

Does a New BOV on a WRX void the warranty?

drive away! i love that car!

K & N filter for V70 R?

Not necessarily a bad thing. People might want to see if ur hott or not. Maybe you should tint the windows. Or the car might be a little flashy. Did you get the bright green one?

Where I can found new design of Honda Accord Sedan?

Don't even trip. They're just diggin the car. Ain't nothin wrong with a woman in a charger.

What is the best colour for BMW 3 series E90 model?

I dont know about everyone else but I think thats hot !

My Citroen Xsara Picasso seems to always have a strong smell of petrol coming from it. Anyone with same prob

A hot woman in a hot car.

How to fit a replacement wing mirror on a MK2 Fiat Punto?

I just saw one today with a gray Charger. There is no problem with that.
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