1988 chevy silverado no power to fuel pump?

Well I want to first thank everyone who help me with this problem and your years of experience, Well I started by tracing the wires that supplied power to the fuel pump and followed them back to a oil pressure sensor (located on the back of the engins drivers side) I unpluged it and jumped the wires and the power was there the trucked started right up so I replaced it $5.00. along with the fuel pump $49.95 & fuel pump relay $12.00 I traced nearly 80' of wires testing and checking for breaks or any signs of wear came across some future problems and fixed them. wow that was fun(not). but thanks again everyone who helped me with this.


How do i replace the battery on a 2001 audi a-4?

okay, i not sure if this helps at all.but i replaced my fuel pump before and my truck was still all f'd up. It ended up being the fuel injectors.expensive job. sorry if i wasnt any help, and your welcome if i was! goodluck
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