1990 Jeep Cherokee 5spd.Stuck in Reverse?

My Cherokee is Stuck in Rev, But the Shifter is in the neutral position Will move From Side to side but not into any Gears,As soon as you let clutch out you are backing up. Any ideas As The Police don't like me Going Backwards everywhere.


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Sounds like the shifter linkage has slipped off the shift rails inside the tranny. There isn't much you can do about it without dropping the tranny.

Coolant leak?

P.S. I just read your edit. You've got the Crapgeot !?! If you have enough skill to fiddle with the gears you have enough to drop that piece of sh*t for an AX-15. It's a direct swap with no driveshaft length issues.

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just think of the mileage you're saving though.

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I'm going to guess you've broken the ball off the bottom of the shift lever at a minimum. You'll need to take the shifter out and inspect it.

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Is this more AX-5 problems? 4cyl jeep? Mine is stuck in 5th, but the syncronizers are fubar. You'll have to drop the tranny and do a rebuild/repair job. Good luck!!
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