How to remove a radio from a mazada mx 5?


New beetles?

Depending on the year youll probably have to take the dash off or parts of the dash at least. It will be much easier to take your car into a Bestbuy, or a mazda dealers toyshop and let them do it. It will save you some headaches and elbow grease.

Toyota 4Runner?

Which mx5?

Are all camaros convertible?


What is the name of the 1975 jeep cj blue?

in mine (2002) i asked from the dealers to take it out and i will put one.
If you take it out you ill have a big gap there that you wont be able to use it unless if you buy a case to put there from mazda dealers

UK: How much does it cost to tax a Peugeot 306.?

take off the dash with a flat head between the cracks
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