1991 toyota camry?

how can i find a consumer report on a 1991 toyota camry, or can someone tell me about the reliablity.


What controls the time the glow plugs stay on, in a 7.3 litre diesel, is this done through the glow plug rela

Toyota's and Honda's are virtually bullet proof. I have a 87 Accord with 232,000+ miles on it. If the timing belt had not slipped on it it would still be running. I plan on rebuilding the motor this winter. As far as Toyota's, I have a friend who has a Corolla and a p/u and would not have anything else. He swears by them. His wife has had two of the Corolla's. Her first one got hit and totaled and she liked it so much that she made her husband find one the same year and model and color. It took him 6 months to find her one she liked. I dont know a lot about the Camry's, but if they are dependable as the rest of the Toyota's on the market, you should be very pleased with it. The other guy that said to buy GM is not totally wrong. GM makes a very good product and I myself have had 7 in my life and all have been very dependable cars.

I have an 07 Jetta with a dashboard indicator light that looks like ( ! ) does any know what this means?

I had a 1990 camry all through highschool and college (got it second hand in 97). it was a trooper. i loved that car. my friend dave had an 89 and his lasted too. I had to get a new alternator in 98 and a little rust started on the wheel wells in 200ish, but besides that the car was great. kept me safe in a front end collision in 98 too.

What do you think of the 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

I sold it in 2004 to a girl getting her first car. very ciclical. :)

Is the new extended cab Silverado/Sierra availabe with the same short bed that is on the crew cab models?

GM product parts cost less and hold up better.I recomend buying a GMC made vehical.

I hav a 95 saturn sc1 2 door that is doing a lot of spudding and backfireing i think its fuel filter or pump

toyotas are the best, just like subarus!

1995 Audi A6- Check engine light came on. Where do I plug the scanner into?

its 16 years old..it doesnt matter what the report sez..
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