What are the rules when it comes to building chinese cars?

can they be imported to the uk? anything else you know on car manufacture??



The first Chinese cars have already arrived in Belgium. They cost about 5000 euro. The workmanship is second rate. Plastic pieces don't fit evenly together. Ugly interior, etc.

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But, they are sold immediately. Everybody is looking for something for nothing.
If they are coming to Belgium, they will soon be on the docks in Ramsgate.

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The number 1 rule in China is: "Get that Western hard currency in our pockets and earn your 10 cents an hour, grasshopper." Then you can have ONE child.

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Generally they are copies of European cars - that can't surprise you surely ??

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Any motor vehicle made in another country, or in Britain, has to undergo type approval before it can be sold in this country. Type approval is granted if the vehicle meets all the standards demanded by the construction and use regulations, including safety and build quality, of this country and also EU/EEC legislation.
This means that any vehicle you buy conforms to these standards and does not contravene any of our motoring rules.
The only exception to this may be what is known as a grey import where an individual imports a vehicle from a country which does not have the same degree of legislation as us for their own use, but even then it should be subject to single vehicle approval when re-registered in the same way that a kit car or home built vehicle is. Hope this helps.
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