1989 GMC 4x4 with a ticking motor?

I have a 1989 GMC jimmy full size 4x4 with a 350 fuel injection motor with well over 100,000 miles on it.

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recently I have a constant ticking noise in my engine area (not an exhuast leak) the ticking is constant idleing but if I give it a little gas and up the rpm the ticking stops as the rpm reaches its peak and then ticks faster as the rpm falls. I first suspected this to be my lifters and plannned to adjust the springs and change my oil to strait 40 weight (I live in hot *** florida so strait 40 is ok)
the problem is im starting to think this may be something other than the lifters but what?
I have done auto body for 8 years and do know a little about my trucks mechanical side but not enough to tear my motor apart and go to town...


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Ticking in a GM engine is almost always the hydraulic lifters.

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Do not use HD 40, it won't help. Like others have noted here, it is probably sticking a little. I don't know about the Marvel MMO stuff, but I do know about Rislone - it does clean things up. But I wouldn't run either of them for very long, as they tend to be a apparent solvent blend of kerosene, penetrating oil in a base motor oil. Rislone at least (don't know about MMO) is/was at least certified as motor oil, and supposedly can be left in the crankcase. When I am using it, I personally leave it in there for no more than 500 miles before I change the oil.

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.Is the knock sensor hooked up? this retards the spark to help eliminate knock.

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I've got the same thing on my 2001 Jimmy. Have your exhaust system checked, because mine is a cracked header.

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put a can of "Marvel Mystery Oil" in with your next oil change...it should free the "sticking" lifters...also straight 40 weight will magnify the problem...the lifters are becoming clogged... stay with 10-40

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You have hydraulic lifters, right? They're probably sticking. You'll need to put an additive into the oil. If you can't find anything acceptable, there's an old trick: put a quart of diesel fuel into the oil and run it for about 5 minutes. Then do an oil change. That should clean up the lifters pretty well. Double check the time on that, though, my memory could be off.
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