What are the tyre pressures for a 1300 escort, M reg.?

I need to know the tyre pressures for an M reg 1300, 3 door Escort.


Fuel pump relay on a 95 eclipse...?

$1300 is alot of money for an escort.but you wont have to pressure her into sex. its included.

Do you like Acura Rsx type S??


Can i turbocharge my 2006 Indica diesel ??


Could anyone tell me what the towing nose weight on the tow bar is for a Volvo v40 2000 automatic? Pete?

Most cars are around 30 psi front and back

I have a 1993 sc 300, how often do I tune this up? I have not tuned it up in 5 years.?


I own a 2002 lanos daewoo in resonable condition, would i be able to make it from phoenix AZ to LA?

go to a petrol station and check the chart there, just use something that is close to your car, the old model might not be there, that doesnt matter, i have doen it for years.

1994 eagle talon no power to fuel pump and injectors are not firing?

good luck



Does anyone know when the new audi RSQ is going to come out?


I have a 1995 nissan pathfinder the speedo just quit working any suggestions?

30/f 28/r if you load up the boot a lot put 32 /r ok
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