What are the Technical Data's on the 126 Series 560 SEL without Catalyst Mercedes Benz from the year 1990-1991


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can not tell you this off the top of my head but if you go on eBay you will get the dater disc for this for next to nothing that's what i did good luck and happy bidding lol.

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The 560 had a 5.5 litre V8 engine which produced 300bhp in Europe and 238bhp in the US.

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The car weighed in at 1.86 tons, so it wasn't exactly a lightweight.

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There are some more basic specs at the link below...

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Generally speaking, Mercedes W126 560 SEL(WDB1260391Axxxxxx-european code) uses the M117 engine 5.6 liter( a "son" of the 5 liter engine), V8 engine, unleaded gasoline, Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection, 272-300 bhp(US-Europe), always equipped with 4-speed Wandler-automatic gearbox.If your question would be more punctual, I could help you more.

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european car european data specs
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