What are your opinions on the Mazdaspeed Protege 2003.5 ?


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All the Mazdaspeed vehicles released to date have been excellent. The speed6, miataspeed and speed3 this year have all been unique and wonderful cars to drive. So, the Protege was already a great car to begin with and now even better. Just have a professional mechanic inspect any car you plan to buy prior to buying it...you never know what you might miss and its worth $100 easily to know that its good or needs some work. Don't ask me what the other posters problem is, must be brain dead if he thinks he can trick anyone into buying a Chevy or Dodge junk mobile which was probably made in Mexico anyway.

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well first its japanese so why wast your time and ours ? its junk

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This is a great car to drive. excellent power & great handling.
the only trouble we see outa this car is tire wear ( well duh, yeah i know) & the sway bar bushings squeaking (which can be replaced fairly easy. check for any modifications to the air intake tubes or vaccum lines around them. if they have been screwed with, the boost (turbo pressure) may have been altered.
this motor is only going to hold up to 10psi anything over that & the connecting rods start to argue with the block & that fight never goes over well.
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