1988 nissan maxima ,, doesn't seem to be shifting into 4th gear even with the overdrive button pushed in ?

I heard that the overdrive control is temperature sensitive ... it's been like 5 degrees here lately could that have something to do with it ? Shall I wait until it warms up a little and see what happens ? thanks


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Start simple. Always. When was the last time you checked your transmission fluid? And in temperatures that low, I would suggest always giving your vehicle a chance to warm up before driving. At least 15 minutes before leaving.

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The temperature could have something to do with it. If you drove it long enough to warm up (45 min), and it still didn't shift, you may have a problem. I would wait until it gets warmer, and see if it begins shifting again. It won't hurt anything as long as you aren't going much over 60mph. You will just use a little more gas.

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Check the throttle control linkage to the transmission. It might be sticking. Try to lube it, if it doesnt work, the cable may have rusted out and the its stuck.
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