What do you normal people think about my Civic?

I bought a brand new 2004 Honda Civic Coupe in Satin Silver Metallic color about 3 years ago when I was 17 with Automatic Transmission. Back then I had a job and too much time on my hands and I did a lot of stupid stuff to my Civic that I kind of regret now. Anyways here is what I did to it:

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$900 - Retrofitted single-xenon projectors off of Acura TSX with stock Philips 4100k d2s bulbs into my headlights. (So they would look like stock xenon headlights rather than a glaring/blinding drop-in kit) -- I actually did this last year and promised myself it would be the last thing I'd ever do

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$500 - Cheap 5 split-spoke 15" Rims

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$250 - Lowering Springs w/ approx. 1.5" drop

Don't you think that flexibility & adaptability are the key issues to growth?

$200 - 35% Tints all around

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$15 - Air vent and center console trim pieces spray painted the color of the car w/ clear coat

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$0 - Shaved Emblems except for the "H"

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I know a lot of other people do way more than I do. But if you saw my car, would you think I am some stupid kid wasting all his money or what??


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The xenons are fine.the rest of the stuff is pretty crappy, in my opinion. I like a car to look nice, but the factory look is almost always best....sometimes a little touch here and there, but NOT all that crap you've added. I agree with the first answer.

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just add some altezzas and youll look like a true ricer.. thats not a good thing, btw

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I would think that you want a certain image so that's why you've done so much with your car maybe like you are trying to impress a certain type of chick.

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No I wouldn't think you are a stupid kid wastin money, a lot of older guys do the same thing, there is nothing bad towards tryna look cool in your vehicle....you get to say they see me rollin, all hatin..ya know what I mean? But doin it to a honda really? a rice burner? that is wastin money.next time invest in a muscle car.like me!!

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If you're happy with the outcome, who cares what others think. I drive a 1989 Ranger that I'm doign a Mustang Converstion, basically, think a Mustang that looks like a Ranger, Engine, transmission, differential, gears, body height, ect. Its costing a little more then your $2000ish you spent, but its going to be reliable, powerful, and a toy for me when i want it to be, and a dayly driver for me otherwise. Some people will look at me and think "stupid kid" but body wise, i'm keeping it overall stock, aside form the drop, and few other mods. Some people think a car is susposed to get you from point "A" to point "B", others think a car is a part of who you are. You choose.

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The Chrysler 300 C is better. And that's before being pimped out.

Why my 2000 Honda Civic EX is not a VTEC motor ?

trust me its a waste i spent so much on my scion xb...
i sold it got a acura all i did was put osmenew headlights and tailights and it really makes it look good
you dontneed all that other cra it wont make ur car worth much more

American Made but German parts?

trust that haha

Whats your favourite by each brand?

Dude, You are the man. Not many think about doing and modify civic's. But you made the ride and you will fly in that machine. Try to give a few more tips and bits like may be a "R-type" and if you are really interested in some crazy stuff catch a glimpse of these guys on the link below.

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On the 2007 Honda Civic Sedan, do you think it would look nice with a wing on the back?

Keep it up, you are not wasting your time or money you are giving your life a kool sense of freedom.

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5 4D Sedan. . .?


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umm no i wouldnt think that. im a big fan of imports and what not but everything you mentioned is all body work so if i saw your suped up looking car being passed up by a ford focus i'd probably laugh. but i would've worked on my engine first. starting with cool air intake which is probably the best investment for instant torque/horsepower at a decent rpm. but that's just my opinion. sounds like a hot car just enjoy it. just look out for F3s and try not to be passed up by them haha! just kidding. =]

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Don't feel down about what you did. Maybe it was alright then. There's nothing wrong with making your ride cool to rid yourself of just looking like the rest. It's not stupid to buy those things for your car. It's your money. You have the right to do so. This happens to me too. As for me Honda Civic Hatchback, I bought all the accessories and upgrade and after a year felt it doesn't suite me. What I did was put it back the way it was. I bought the stock car and it looks new to me.Whatever makes you feel good about your car, GO FOR IT! Don't mind what other people say about your ride. You bought it for yourself. Good luck and I hope I helped a little! Cheer up it's still a good car.

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yes, I would think you are a stupid kid wasting all his money

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So im guessing your 21 now? if your still driving it you might consider changing the car. Not that its bad what you did, but you don't want to look like your driving your son's car. you know what I mean? If your trying to keep the car I would tell you this. Keep the HID's, springs, tint (obviously), shaved emblems. The rims and the vents kind of have to go. Rims I would go with 17's if you down rub that is. Take the paint off of the vents and just keep it stock. I would keep it clean and simple, but also stand out of the crowd. I drive a S2000 and believe me it stands out and I have done absolutely nothing to it except rims. The car isnt bad for a first car but at your age its too much KID in the car. You wasted your money now invest your money!

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Personnally I think it was a waist of money but you are young and if you are working and don't really have to pay out on anything else, well - it's your money. Just make sure you have money put away for the maintnance. $900 for what ever you did to the headlights is a waist if your car breaks down and you can't even drive it. Take care of what you can't see as well as what you want it to look like.
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