(2007)dodge charger or mustang?

both 2007 both v6 cannot get v8 because of my insurance is already high as f*ck. whats better?


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I'd get the Mustang. You can doll it up with all kinds of factory options so it doesn't look like everybody elses. I would definately get the 'Pony Package'. The fog lamps & grill are VERY retro.
And there are tons of modifications (aftermarket) you can do. (Functional & cosmetic) to make it "You" !
Check out the factory specs/comparisons here:
And do the factory "accessorizor" here:

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Have Fun!

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well that depends. whats ur price range? the mustang is alot cheaper but will not retail the value as well as a charger, also compare which one u see more of. here chargers are not as popular but mustangs are all over the place. i get tired of seeing them. if u can afford the payments i'd go charger.

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the mustang is cheaper, but is a classic. its a head turner for under 25K. te charger has better looks, and more power, but the mustang is ur best bet

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get the charger as for one its a 4 door and will be concidered a family car. where as the stang is 2 door and you pay out the wazoo. 2 I have heard that V-6 is pretty peppy. talk to your insurance company and find out which is cheaper.

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I would do the Mustang, so much cooler overall.

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A mustang is cheaper; it also gets better gas mileage, so i would choose that but thats just me.

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They are both great cars, but I would take the Charger.
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