1989 Mercedes 190E-- Problem areas I should know about?

Wanting to buy one for my son. any noteworthy problems I should be aware of? Overheating? Electrical? Engine? Reliability? What's been the top 2-3 problems you've run into and the cost for repairing them. thanks a bunch. Also, are they more problem prone than Toyota and Honda?


Any experienced mechanics out there fuel pump question?

As long as that particular car has a good history, then it's a good bet.

Help with a 97 Volvo 740, Automatic?

Extremely safe and solid.

How much does a toyota rav 4 cost?

Change tranny oil to Mobil 1 Syn ATF
Change oil to 0W-40
Bottle of Techron every 2-3 months
NO, and I do mean NO cheap gas! PREMIUM UNLEADED ONLY! or you will roach the engine!

What is the space difference between the front and the back wheels on a 96 chevy tahoe 4x4?

They are robust cars. One area you may want to spend some time with is the climate control system. The cc control center (which includes the computer and dash controls) is an expensive part to replace, and some of the A/C parts are pricey. Tie rod ends and ball joints are more troublesome than some cars I've owned, but parts and repairs are cheap.

The rear windshield wiper on my 2001 Jeep Cherokee is dead. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Change the timing chain at 200,000 miles.The cold start injector O-Ring might fail,making it hard to start cold,easy fix.Other than that,change trans fluid and filter every35,000 miles.Should run over 400,000 miles.

1988 nissan maxima ,, doesn't seem to be shifting into 4th gear even with the overdrive button pushed in ?

i had one, my mom had 2. These cars run forever. My moms lasted over 200,000 miles with her doing no maintenance to it. So just imagine if you did a little bit of maintenance every now and then, the car will last for a long time.
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