1992 ford bronco 4x4 front axle not locking?


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Yep!! The guy above is right.if you have automatic hubs,get rid of those junk things.These kinda hubs are notorious for going bad and they are extremely light duty.Get yourself a good set of manual Warn hubs.These hubs are inexpensive but high quality.They will not be any more than $75 and installation is a snap.If $75 is not in the budget right now,then you could go to a junkyard and take off a used set.Believe it or not your front axle that is in your truck is more than likely the same as they put under older Gm and Dodge 1/2 ton trucks.Its probably a Dana 44.This axle assembly is very easy to get parts for and the hubs are all the same on Ford Gm and Dodge that have this front axle,so if you cant locate another Ford with a set of good used manual hubs on it,you can use a set off a 1/2 ton Dodge or GM truck also. Check out this application chart from Warn if you dont belive me--
Check out all the 1/2 ton Fords,Dodges and GM's>they all have the same part number in which that means they are all interchangeable.Hope this helps.

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if your talking about the automatic hubs not locking in, there probably worn out. replace with manual hubs is the best most affordable way to go. you just have to get out and lock them in manually.good luck
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