1991 Honda Accord SE?

My car sucks! I have put so much money into this beast because I am a student and cannot afford a new car until I graduate or I win the lottery...so I have to maintain it.

1996 Intrepid Choking?

It stalled while I was driving down the road. So I walked home because it is only a couple of blocks from where I live. I went back a couple of hours later and it started! I got it home, got ready to go to the store and it wouldn't start. It is turning over but not starting up. I just recently got the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced on it. It is still acting up!
I had someone take a look at it for me and they said they couldn't hear the fuel pump turn on when I try starting it. He said it may be the wiring to it or a relay switch? Anybody have any other idea what is causing this?


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without a doubt it is the "main relay" that controls the fuel pump and the ignition. The circuit board of the relay heats up when the car is parked with the windows rolled up and the sun shines on the car to raise the interior temperature to a point where the circuit board expands and breaks contact. If you open all the doors and let the car cool down it will usually start as the circuit board contracts.

1990 Jeep Cherokee 5spd.Stuck in Reverse?

I think the relay on the 91 is under the right side of the dash behind the glove box.

1994 chevy s10 blazer?

This is a very common problem on the 1991. Whoever replaced the fuel pump and filter doesn't have very much experience with Hondas.

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hope that helps

Does anyone know..?

i know exactly what it is. you wasted your money without checking the fuel pump relay. am saying this cus it happened to me. the realay is located underneath the dashboard on the driver side its gray in in color. change it and you will be good as new. you can find one from a junk yard. or spend fifty dollars or more brand new. they could not hear the fuel pump tuning on cus the relay is not working.
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