1993 and 1997 accord hoods are the same?

my friend has a 1993 honda accord with a carbon fiber hood i want to know if it will fit my honda accord 1997


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it will not fit because of the obvious face lift change.

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im pretty sure the body style you have is 94 to 97.

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It won't fit.

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No it won't fit.
It is intentionally redesigned partly because of aesthetics and partly so that it can't be reused for a diff model

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Nope, it will not fit. The only way it would fit would be if your car was between the years 90-93; however, any hood from a 94-97 accord will fit yours.

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No, the 93 is a fourth generation Accord and they were made from 1990-1993. While the 1997 is a fifth generation Accord and they were made from 1994-1997.
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