What do you think of the Ford F150 Harley Davidson edition?

I really want my husband to get this truck,but he wants to get the F350,which I think is too big. What do you think of this one?

My 74 VW Bugs brake pedal sticcks when pressed down I have to bring it back up with my toe. Any possible answe

(Were looking at the 2007,this ones 2006 but they look about the same)


How much does a VW Thing weigh?

Plain facts are, it rates high in it's segment for reliability according to JDPower, the authority on auto research data for that industry.

Need ideas for HIDs...?

I'm also providing a link, where it shows the structure of what makes the F-150 the leader in it's segment in numerous ways. It's still the benchmark for interior quality and quietness which as yet to be matched by new "competitiors". The link goes on to compare the F-150 with a few other trucks. Even shows the frame and various other components which the competition can't even match...just like the new TUndra has an open "C" channel frame which is a joke.

Overseas factory warranty?

New link is one of the SuperDuty series which just debuted this year. And as one journalists said, the Superduty's didn't just raise the bar for it's segment, it tossed it right out the window bar-none. There's a reason the F-series has been the best selling truck in the world for various years, and in the US for 29 years.

Dodge Charger?

As to which series you prefer, all depends on what your needs are. Superduties are mainly for serious work. 40% of F-series built are the Superduty series. I like the specific series editions like the Harley Davidson and King Ranch Editions. Just makes them a tad different from the others with some trim and decor.

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Just my thoughts...hope this helps...:-)

Here you go Ford fans. Check this link and tell me what you think.?

I have driven Ford trucks all my life.After my latestet version, an 05 f150, I can tell you I would reconsider buyinng another Ford, whether it was the harley edition or any other. Not half the quality it used to be.

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The F150 is no longer very competitive with the other trucks on the market. The new Chevy, GMC, Toyota, and Nissan all are better trucks.

I had a question about my 2004 dodge 2500 diesel?

This vehicle is overated

What does the bmw insignia represent?

over priced!!!!!

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The F 150 and F350 are great trucks.
My dad has an 07 F150 lariat and he is very happy with it.

Where is the Jeep Patriot made??

F 150 Harley Davidson comes with 5.4 V8.
If you're looking for great outdoors, hunting or fishing then you should go for F150. F150 will tow a mid-size boat, you will enjoy driving it in city and it's great on the highways.

Do any car buffs or car restorers know what a 1959 Chevy 348 engine is worth?

F 350 produces more torque and it's towing capacity is greater than F150.
You can get 2007 F350 with standard 5.4 V8, but you can also chose 6.8 V10 or 6.0 L turbo diesel as an option
If you'r looking for big torque to tow a yacht or something, then you should go for F350 - it's one, big, powerful and very reliable truck, it will transport the heaviest units. It is a king of the road.

What color shall i choose for my 68 camaro SS?

i wouldant get any kind of ford yher bad on gas
and they have bad warenty.

Back to the future Delorean?

The Harley Davidson edition looks great.

I need to know if and where I can purchase a swamp buggy?

You can compromise and get an F-350 with the Harley package.

2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee... How may left?

It's a Must. I am totally FORD and the other are just copiers!! Don't make a mistake and go and buy one of those other brands. FORD F-Series #1 for 20+ yrs. My Family drives Ford only so go and get it.

Whe I ride my 1986 suzuki lt 230s through a pretty good size puddle it stalls . help please!?

While I am a Ford fan, I see the Harley edition as a work truck that will most likely never get worked.
I would suggest the Amarillo model as a compromise that is not really a compromise.
The F350 is a great truck, but unless the 1 ton is really needed for work capabilities, it is overkill that will come out at the fuel pump. I suggest the diesel, as the engines make more torque and last longer with proper maintanence.

Is the Scion tC pedestal spoiler a dealer installed option?

Which is the cheaper to convert to LPG or CNG assuming
petrol cost exceeds your ability to purchase? Can you buy the drivetrain change equipment now rather than wait for
longer delivery time at higher cost later? Who in your service area could do the work and maintain the vehicle afterward?
Can you fuel your vehicle at your residence during times of sleep using an electric pump? Isnt there an all electric pick-up available after 2012 that is better than today's F-150?
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