1990 Commanche with oil in the air cleaner?

I have a problem with oil dumping into the air cleaner. With only 68K original miles on it, and no EGR valve. Completely stock motor, and pvc line from valve cover to air cleaner(also stock). Can someone who has heard of this problem, give advice. Am dumping about 1 quart a week.


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pcv valve?

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Your PCV valve is bad or the piston rings are shot.

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check your local dealer for the problem. could be clog pvc valve. to check for vaccum take hose off pvc valve while engine is running press finger against it to check for suction, if no suction bad pvc valve

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i own a repair shop,and if you,ll replace the pcv valve it should stop doing this,you,ll have to clean it out real good so it wont push whats in there out again but that should make it a lot better ,good luck i hope this helps.

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I Have owned 6 Jeep Cherokee/Commanche's The Oil in the air filter Is caused by blow by Internally in the Engine.They Do not have a PVC valve Just the Line to the Air box.
Solutions > 1. you can drill hole into intake hose before Throttle body and attach the PVC line there Plug the hole in the air box.
>2. Be Proper And Environmentally Friendly And Rebuild the Engine It Prob need new rings,pistons, Honing Probably a valve job too.

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The above answers are "Interesting" about the PCV valve. You do not have one! As long as we are talking about he Jeep 4 liter. What you do have is a small vacuum line with an oraface in it from the intake manifold the rear of the valve cover. With simple maintenance Jeep 4 liters DO NOT wear out at 70,000 miles. Pull that plastic vacuum line,,approximately 3/16", You will find it clogged near the valve cover inlet barbed fitting. If this clogs, the blow by cannot go anywhere but the aircleaner. Enlarging is A LITTLE delays the clogging, Brake cleaner...with protective eye glasses works well and simple to do. Note, REMOVE the line from the intake manifold and valve cover to clean..do not spray gunk into the engine.
Good Luck
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