1994 jeep 5.2 V8?

i had the question about the bad gas smell. ive already changed the oil because it smelled like gas and it didnt change i thought it might be the computer or someone told me it might be the timing sensor the oil wasnt milky and the antifreeze level hasnt changed so i dont think its the head gasket but something is letting way too much fuel into the motor it just keeps smoking worse now its black smoke i checked the vacume lines but im not a mechanic so im nout sure if thats the prob but it acts like you turn the car on but dont start it then just slam on the gas and try to start it. i dont want to get rid of it but i dont have the money to fix it.not sure what to do


94 Wrangler tires?

Sounds like the idle control sensor and valve may be bad. It could be the Oxygen Sensors as well. Demanding to much fuel to be injected. Have it checked asap. It will save you money over time and should improve your gas mileage.

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Disconnect your O2 sensor harness and check for corrosion. It's (o2 sensor) stuck on rich.
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