1994 jeep grand cherokee 5.2L V8 Bad gas smell/misfiring?

right when you start it after you let it sit over night it runs fine for about 1 min. It runs ok but then it starts missing and blowing white smoke, i changed the plugs and the fuel regulator, but nothing changed, it puts so much gas into the engine that it doesnt stink it reeks. i dont know much about jeeps and im lost it runs alot worse up hills to the point i have to keep my foot on the gas and the brake when i stop. i havent hooked it up to a computer yet...i had a cavalier that had the same problem and it turned out to be a head gasket oh god i hope thats not the case please help someone any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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If you’re sure it's white smoke then you’re burning coolant. Make sure you’re not mistaking it for running rich (dark smoke). However it does sound like a head gasket. You can inspect your coolant levels or pressure test it. Some parts stores will lend you their pressure testers. You remove the radiator cap (don't get burned with hot coolant) put on the right adapter and pump until you reach the amount of psi listed on you radiator cap. Wait a few minutes and if the gauge starts to drop and you don't see any exterior leaks then you have to assume it's internal.

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It sounds like you have a crack, or a whole in your gas tank. You probably want to check it out!

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If you were doing a lot of cranking on the engine without it firing before changing your plugs and fuel regulator it may be the engine oil is saturated with fuel. With fuel injected vehicles repeated cranking without engine start will force fuel (sometimes TONS of it) into the crankcase. Check your oil. If it's overfull, frothy, runny or smells of fuel change it IMMEDIATLY. Change the filter too. Your description of how your jeep is running is exactly how one will run with gas in the oil. I have seen them with literally a gallon of gas in the crankcase before.

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If it's carbeurated, you may need an adjustment. I'd check EGR valve, plug gaps, sensors, or better yet, take it to AutoZone-counter guys there are usually pretty good with vehicles, and the can hook it up to check engine lights, etc. Check timing, cam and crank position sensors, and if need be, go ahead and check head gasket. If your oil looks milky, and your antifreeze looks like sh*t, that may be the problem. One last thing to check is clogged catalytic converter.

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you have some good advise here!

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you need to check out that gas smell, I hope you don't smoke!

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my jeep was smelling with gas and it turned out to be the gas tank gasket, but i thing with your problem its internal problem especially if it's puffing out white smoke.

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check your dip stick, look and the fluid level, smell for gas and see you it has bubbles, if it does then there on something else Mixed with your oil.

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good luck, i hope this helps
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