1985 Subaru Brat Parts?

anybody know where I can find jump seats and trim for this car?


What is the boot (trunk) space of a Chrysler Grand Voyager behind 3rd row seats in feet (ie width and depth)?

Geez, you are making this one difficult by eliminating two main sources.

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Unfortunately for you, the Brat has a great following and people are willing to pay up for parts they want. If you are looking for a cheap angle, try posting a want ad on Craig's List. You might get lucky.

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the best Place is to check local junk and salvage yards,also do a web search, for used subaru brat parts they are still around.

MoPar Blow off valve for SRT-4?

try looking for Subaru clubs on the Internet , i would imagine that a lot of seats could fit in the back , get your tape measure and imagination working

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Wow a Subaru brat. Try searching on line for parts on sale e-bay or aut trader. Tryputting an ad on-line and good luck they are few and very far between.
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