1993 toyota camry se has vibration above 55 mph whats wrong?

I have had this vehicle to 5 different machanics it has new rear front control arms, wheels balanced, front axel,bearings,alignment,seems like it's coming from front passanger side of vehicle any suggestions?


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Could be a lot of things. My first guess would be that it needs its tires balanced. I had the same problem, and thats what fixed it for me. But you said that they have already been. So my next guess would be new CV shafts and joints. Could be that you just need some new struts, it hard telling. If I was you my first move would be to find a mechanic that knows what hes doing.

Is it me...?

I have a question for you. Why would you dump all of that money into a car that old? Sounds like you've spent around $2K on a car that's worth(in tip-top condition, which I doubt it is) about $4.4K. Move on...

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If you can, have someone follow you and see how the tires at when driving at 55. The should notice if the tires bounce or anything when your getting the vibration. That will give you a place to start looking.

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first, switch the tires around, could just be a tire problem. beyond that, the strut mounts, these sit in the engine bay on towers. also check the bushings in the mounts, as it may not be the entire mounts, most cars have rubber bushings and they wear out, may need to replace with urethane bushings

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Go to your car and start hitting the bumper, door, where ever you think the vibration is coming from, and see if you can hear the sound. If its the bumper then just make sure everything is screwed and secures tightly. By the way, when I say "hitting" I mean with your hand. Well good luck! =)

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the passenger side axle has a carrier bearing the holds the axle shaft ..was the entire axle replaced or just the out shaft ? very typical failure the carrier gets seized and make the axle very difficult to replace ...

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I know what's wrong,it's a Toyota and it sucks.

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take it to the auto shop...
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