What could be wrong with my '96 Chrysler Concord if the car shakes when I go to turn on the highway?

It happens when I am going around a bend and I am at 45MPH or above, when I am going straight the car seems fine. When I turn the entire car begins to shake and it feels like the wheels are shaking the worst (almost like they are going to come off.)


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Most of the time, the condition you described is caused by the inner tie rod ends being worn out. They have a bushing that wears out and falls out of the hole, giving a bunch of room for them to move around. Thus, it moves around, and causes the shaking you feel.

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Take it to your local mechanic and have them check the inner tie rod ends and replace if necessary. Have them also do an alignment after replacing them. DO NOT take it to the local tire shop or walmart or sears or equivalent type of place. They are there to sell tires, and many will try to tell you it is a tire problem wihout ever looking close enough to see the real problem. Then you spend all that money to replace the tires and still have the problem that needs to be fixed.

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Imbalanced tires would shake at certain speeds no matter if driving straight or turning. Bad tire would do it at low speeds as well as higher speeds.

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To check them yourself, you can do it one of 2 ways.

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First, jack one front tire up, and grab the front and back of the tire and try to move it as though you were trying to turn it by hand. If it wiggles just a tiny bit, it is something else and you need to have it checked out. If it moves a good bit, then the tie rod ends need replaced.

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Second, you can do a visual inspection. Open the hood and look behind the engine. About halfway down teh firewall, you will see the 2 tie rods where they bolt to the rack at the center of the vehicle. Have someone else turn the wheel inside while you watch these rods. If they're worn out, you should see the bolt that holds them move without moving the rods right away.

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It is important that you have them fixed ASAP as they could possibly break the rest of the way causing you to lose steering completely.

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They have a bushing kit to replace just the bushings, but I'd feel better having the entire tie rod replaced if it was my vehicle. The bushing kit is about $25 plus labor and it does both tie rods. To replace both tie rods is about $55 per at the dealer, local repair shop will likely use an aftermarket part that is less expensive.

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The problem is that it is a Chrysler and it is 11 years old.

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I had a 97 and they are the WORST cars... Mine did that and it was the rods. I had to have them replaced... Quick before the engine dies ( mine did do a search for them on the interneet there are sites DEDICATED to the cars being lemons) use it as a trade in...

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TRUST ME mine is in my driveway sitting there DEAD..

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The first (and most inexpensive) thing I would try is getting your tires re-balanced. This normally only affects cars regardless of whether or not they are turning, but it helped mine a lot. Most tire shops will do this for free or under 50 dollars.

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If that doesn't fix it completely, take it to a mechanic and have them check how tight your tie-rod ends and ball-joints are. I had a 1995 Dodge Intrepid (basically the same car except for the name) that did the same thing, (shaking around corners at highway speeds) and it was a combination of these things. I had the tires re-balanced, and that helped, but did not fix it. I replaced the tie-rod ends and ball joints by myself. The tie-rod ends are fairly inexpensive to replace, ball joints are a little more because of the labor involved in taking apart the MacPhearson strut system. If you do replace either one, don't forget to get an alignment afterward. The tie-rods ends and ball joints are wear and tear items that have to be replaced on all vehicles at some point, though usually not before 100,000 miles.

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My Intrepid now belongs to my little sis and it has close to 200,000 miles on it, original engine and tranny. If you take good care of the car, it will last a long time. It is old, and all old cars will have odd repairs like this happen. It is not just "because it's a Chrysler."
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