My Chevrolet dealer is claiming that my needed repairs aren't covered by the powertrain warranty...?

What do you think?

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I've got a 60 month, 60,000 mile powertrain warranty on my 2004 Chevy Aveo. I've only got 54,000 miles on it, and of course it's well under the 5 year mark. They said that the timing belt is broken and there's a problem with compression in two of the cylinders and that they're NOT covered by the powertrain warranty. The warranty information that I've pulled up states that the timing belt, cylinder heads, and all internal lubricated parts are covered. Since I haven't done anything to void the warranty, shouldn't this be covered? Why is the dealer being such a jerk? Does Chevrolet NOT reimburse the dealers for work done? Or is the dealer perhaps trying to get paid twice on the job - once by me, and once by Chevy?


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it is GM customer service directly and report the dealer!... they will set an appointment for you!

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You have the choice of reporting the dealer to Chevrolet, or suing his a**. If you know a good lawyer, you might be able to take this ******* to the cleaners.

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You should be in a good negotiating position on this one since your timing belt is not due to be replaced until 60,000 miles. Had you gone over the 60,000 miles without getting it replaced, it would have been your fault and not covered by the warranty. I would point out to the dealer that the timing belt broke before it was due for replacement, so therefore the warranty is valid.

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Probably twice for the same job. Some dealers are complete cons when it comes to things like this. Are you 100% sure its covered? Call the head office and ask the warranty department. As long as all the proper maintenance has been done you should be alright. But get in touch with GM to make sure and have them call the dealer.

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GM customer service direct I agree. Call the better business dept. of your state. Also threaten them that you will take out a full page ad in the local papers with a picture of your car or their establishment telling what they are trying to do to you.

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I would go down there and make a huge scene in the show room in front of customers.

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did you buy the vehicle new or used. sometimes when you buy used you need to transfer the warranty into your name. if this is not the case i would call gm. but definitely take it to a different dealer to get the work done. i wouldn't trust these guys. dealers love warranty work. they don't make a lot of money off it but its still payed out fair. you are probably right about them trying to get double the buck out of this job. my wife had a car dealer do this to her with an alternator once. it was only 2 months old. it went bad and a friend tries to jump start the car. when it went back to the dealer they told her it voided the warranty and charged for another alt. i later found out they took the other alt. back to the parts store just for an exchange. they lost are business FOREVER. get tuff with these guys

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OK question for you..Is the 6/60,000 warr. An aftermarket warranty? Check the paper work that you got when you bought the car...That Is the ammo you need..I ask cause I cant remember If that was a 3yr/36,000mile Factory warranty with a extension that you purchased on top of the vehicle's cost...That Is the important factor...I am not sure about It because it is a foreign can with a chevy badge on the frt..A/M warr co. most likely wont cover belts unless stated otherwise on your contract..In that case dealers hands are kinda tied

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Contact the original selling dealer if that is not who you are dealing with. You can also contact the warranty company directly and find out what is covered in your warranty.

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Tell them if they insist on committing fraud .Would they mind if you call an attorney and let him handle the problem.Make sure that you talk to the owner.I do not know thier # ,call the bureu of automotive repairs and I believe you will get results.

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go back up there with your paperwork. ask for the shop manager sit with him show him what your paperwork says. This should solve the problem. The timing belt is a wearable part though. The only other thing I can see is if you did not follow there maintence program. Then they void your warrenty.
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