1995 Dodge Neon transmission sensor leaking? please read details.?

Right by the transmission dipstick is a sensor. It is a sensor. And it is leaking trans. fluid. This "PLASTIC" sensor is "COMPLETELY ROUND". no socket can go onto it. It spins 360 degrees but wont spin out. Ive tried pulling it straight to but with no luck. any one know how to get it out??


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is there a bolt next to it with a small plate that holds it in??

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There could be a place to use a wrench behing this where it goes into the transmission. Also consider going to a dealer, to the parts department and ask them how you get it out to replace it. They will have schematics and information at their disposal. It is possible that it is not supposed to spin and this is part of the failure. May be best to take it to a reliable mechanic.
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