Were there any four-door Ford Thunderbirds made and if so in what years.?


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no thunderbirds are specifically two door models

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As far as I know there were not any 4-door thunderbirds made from the factory.

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I am going to say no, because i have never seen one. That being said that does not mean that i am correct. I would search the web for the answer.

Well i am not the only shade tree fixer around here,who did you learn?

yeah, 1967 -71.

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yes indeed there were four door thunderbirds in the 60s

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There is no 4 door thunder birds because my dad owns one and its a 95!! but there was 4 doors in the 60's

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Yes there were 4 door Ford Thunderbirds, but the only years they were made was from 1967-1971

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The thunderbird was intended to be a sports coupe, coupe being the operative word, meaning like the mustang, it was only available as a two-door muscle car. The closest thing I can think of in a four door would be like a granada, which is similar in size to the thunderbird, but was available in both two and four door configurations and also had the same powertrain options available. Hope this helps. good luck to you.

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The Thunderbird's debut was in 1955 as a 2-door 2-seater. Ford gave it rear seats in 1958. From 1967-71 they made a 4-door pillared hardtop landau, other than that timeframe it has always been a 2-door luxury coupe.

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I just checked the answers and I must say, all of the people who said there are only two-door T-Birds obviously haven't a clue. A few said there were, from 1967-1971; those are the ones who have done their homework. There were, indeed, four door 'Birds in the late 60's until '71.

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I agree with Kiffin. I thin some times answers are given just to answer a question. People don't have a clue but still answer questions. If you don't know either do some research or don't answer. People come here looking for answers, if they get the wrong info or conflicting answers it could cost them time and money. Not in this case but in Problem cases it could.

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no only two doors were made. Its not a sports car but a sportier car then most. I have one ('89) and it has about 154,000 miles on it. It even came with all the gadgets and i can truely say that it has been a awesome car.
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