What about the Scion tC?

What is your opinion on the Scion tC? I really like this car, especially in the colors white and silver. I want an automatic transmission as well. Has anyone ever test drove one with an auto tranny? Was it gutless? And do you think that the color silver or white are girly colors? Thanks for your opinion.


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I've done my research on it, and am planning on buy one in July. Consumer guide best buy! Has the sporty looks that people like, the features of a more expensive luxury car and the reliability of Toyota behind it's name. I've spent numerous hours looking into any flaws or tech. problems and really the major only concern I've heard was there is too little room in the rear. Well it is a hatchback, so if people wanted more room, go get an SUV or something lol. And no, it's not a chick car!! :) I personally like the Flint Mica, but two of my buddies love white cars. If your going to do it in white, you gotta tint the windows and put a little somethin' extra under the hood ;) lol. Put the TRD exhaust and intake with the rear ped spolier on it and you got your one hell of a car my friend. Of course you can always look into putting in the TRD supercharger lol. But overall, gas mileage 23/30 is good, 160 hp is all I really need and it has the great looks! I fell in love with this car and I drive an 05 civic ex and I find this to be much better then my little economy car. On a scale of 1-10 I rank it about a 9.8 Do what you think is best for you, but overall the Tc is an excellent choice! I have test driven the auto tranny, and my only concern was the suspension was a little stiff. Not too bad though. The handeling was increadable with the Z rated tires on it, that drive made my week lol. I'm getting the manual because I don't see an auto worth the extra $800 plus dollars. The light silver is nice by the way, it always looks clean :) And, I have a light silver car right now and I think it keeps the car a little cooler in the summer also. But who knows? I don't see where you can go wrong! Good luck!

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The Scion tC is an awesome car and would make a great first car due to its high build quality and reliability. I have had to opportunity to extensively drive a Scion tC and they are very fun and comfortable, has a good sounding stereo, and several standard safety features that other car in its class do not have. And it is safe in a collision. My best friend and 2 of her friends were struck from behind at approx 60 mph while at a stop, and no one in the car was hurt. I was amazing considering the rear bumper was almost in the back seat.
Its a good looking car to with made aftermarket parts available to customize your car. The standard moonroof is also a welcome feature to let the wind run through your hair in all seasons. It has keyless entry, anti lock brakes. I can not think of any bad things to say about the car.
I will say compare the price of a new one to a used. It may be worth your time.

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Hope this helps you and hope to see you on scionlife.com soon!! Enjoy!

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(Don't listen to the other people who just dis the Tc, it's only becuase they're scared of change and their american built cars are doing so well that their companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of workers becuase they can't compete with companies like scion.)

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Underneath, it's only a Camry. Think about getting a Honda Civic Si.

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I own a 2007 Azure Pearl Scion tC (manual), and I love the car. Only issues are the AC takes forever to blow cold air, and the cover for the panoramic roof is cheap and flimsy. It doesn't have the features of a luxury car as mentioned above, but it does have value, and a bit of sex appeal due to it G35'ish styling. The MP3 player is a cool touch. Gets about 30MPG and a factory installed TRD Supercharger is available (NOT a turbo as mentioned above). Overall...great car for the money! I am very happy, though I'm thinking about trading mine in for a Infiniti M35 Sport.

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I say get it!! Silver & white are not girly colors at all. Just make sure the white isn't a pearl but a straight white.

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I looooooooooove the Scion tC. I want a new car sooo bad & that's actually the one I want at this point. (I just can't afford it...it's either an apartment or a car...not both. LOL)
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