(Canada, B.C.) - Fuel Pump Price?

What is an estimated price for a fuel pump?
- 1997 Chevy Cavalier
- Assuming this is the problem, I would need to know what the price is for the fuel pump, WITH the labor, or altogether, if I were to go in and get this done.

I have a 99 pontiac grand am gt automatic. The question is how to change out the lockout solonoid.?

I can't seem to get a price from anyone. It seems to vary, widely, and I don't know if it's because they all come in different prices, from make/model to year?

How can I add horse power to a Tacoma?

Sorry, I have NO clue about vehicles, or the parts (cost)

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Any help would be greatly appreciated! (Thanx)


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According to carparts.com, the price is around $250 (american) however that seems ridiculously high. I looked on ebay real quick, and i didn't see anything that fits your year cavalier on there at the moment, but there should be at some point.

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Just try calling your local autozone or advance auto. They can let you know just how much the fuel pump itself actually costs. Expect to pay at least $100-175 (that's american again) for the install. If you have a friend that knows something about cars, it's not a overly difficult install. It could be done in an hour or so with basic hand tools. Or go buy yourself a haynes manual at an auto parts store and give it a crack yourself! Most chainstore autoparts places will even let you borrow tools!

I have a problem with one wheel on my 92 volvo.?

Hope this helps. Goodluck!!

When you get a new Mini, what is the TLC pack?

Here in the US they run from $280-$340 for that year make and base model.

What is the difference between camry xle v6 and the i4, besides the engine?

You can probably find another one at a local junk yard for considerably lower price. But you do not know what you are getting. It could last a day or for the life of the car.

How can i change a plymouth Neon spark plugs? where are the plugs anyway?

If the "fuel pump" is available as "Pump only" at your local parts store then it should be $70-$100, maybe less.HOWEVER many electric fuel pumps are only available in a "fuel assembly" ...this consists of the pump itself, sending unit and strainer...that gets pricey...more like $175-$250. The issue of replacing "pump only" is that its a crap shoot, if the sending unit turns out to be the problem then you have bought a pump for nothing.
These prices are retail.so factor in shop rate of approx. $90/hr and their mark-up on the parts.

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if you are near Chilliwack go to pick a part , there will be one there and it will cost less than $50 , one of the regulars will probably pull it for $ 20

Can anyone tell me the wiring for Citroen 2 litre diesel van alternator?

do not go to lordco. but call up alder auto parts they will help you. find them is the yellow pages. good luck from Langley

2001 dodge durango tail lights?

If you need more help can help with a good repair shop.

Will an automatic transmission work on my pickup, and if so, what size would I need?

I'm thinking with labour about $400.00. We are BC'ers too!
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