1985 prelude problem question from son anyone please help!!?

I've been working every other day because I didn't have a car and my roommate left her cellphone in the other car which is at a tow yard so I don't have a phone at home right now it's imperative I get this car fixed ASAP, I purchased the 1985 prelude for 300 bucks from some asian mechanic, (really nice shop, biggest and nicest looking in my neighborhood) he said that some indian guy who lived in sanger owned the car originally and brought it into him, because they knew each other. anyway the car has no flaws, no check engine light that comes on, and everything seems to be working fine electrically.
So heres the problem, the guys didn't speak great english, and the car runs very "hard" or choppy when you start it up or in low rpms, sorta shakes alot like it idles low, but if I get out of the car and pull the throttle back manually, it stops running hard until the gas is pushed (like it's sticking), he said he already replaced the water pump, fuse box, radiator, coil, and wires. He then said that he couldnt locate the part he had narrowed it down to and pointed to this little black box (sorta V shaped or shaped like a bike sea)t, it says honda ontop and has TEC in the corner, he said it was the solenoid, however he speaks terrible english (probably not a computer guy). I've located this little black box here:

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after entensive searching it's the only thing that looks like what he was pointing to . Do you think this could be effecting the car like that? I mean it runs fine when I'm driving it above 20 mph however response is off and it shakes below 1750 rpms, it's a very strange problem and the mechanic was honest enough to tell me he it just wasn't worth his time and the indian guy ended up moving and gifting the car to him since he couldn't afford any more work on it, in order to clear to mechanic bill (gave him car instead of money) The mechanic seemed very knowledgable and it was a "new" japanese and american repair shop, he just said that it wasn't worth his time or money since the car was so old anyway, if he fixed it maybe he'd get 1000 he was asking 500 I just used my car buying knowledge to work him down (like the 10th car I've bought). He really seemed like he just didn't have the time to deal with it and honda no longer carries the part for the car, neither do part stores. I can only find it online at that one site. But my gut tells me the throttle is sticking and that might be all thats wrong with it, however he seemed like he would know more then me about fixing cars. I'm not sure if you will be by any wreckers in the next few days, but if you could swing by one and find this stupid box on any 1985-1987 prelude 2.0 Si Fuel injected (only compatable years) it's 100 bucks new(maybe 20 bucks at wreckers) and I only have 70 left on that visa mom gave me (i'd hate to waste it on this if it's not whats wrong with it) the link above should have more info also I will attach a drawing of it, I need the whole box when you look at the engine it is located on the top left hand side above the fuse box right by the windsheild, (really easy access a few phillips screws) I do not have access to a ride to any wreckers out here plus don't know where they are anyway, or I wouldnt ask you to do it for me. Also the mechanic said if I bought the box he'd do it for me if I brought it back to him (on my corner luckily enough) also if you are there and the throttle is in good shape and cheap, grab that too! Just use the money I've sent you and take $20 bucks for your time if you could be so kind. but if you think it may be something else let me know I really need to get this taken care of this week, I don't want to drive the car because it shakes alot and reg was expired in feb. With my luck it would break down and I'd spend more money towing back here.


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It sounds like a vacuum leak and possibly the engine has jumped timing. Have the vac. system tested and the timing checked and re-set. that should fix the problem. If that's not it, then I'm stumped. Good Luck.
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