1990 toyota camry windows will not work all of them dont?

I have a 1990 toyota camry windows will not work all of them don't I changed all the fuses under the hood and under the steering wheels


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My cars windows would only work from the driver's switch. The terminals on the window lock switch were corroded. Cleaned the terminals, and everything works.

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Look at the switches, ground may be off.

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it might be and easy fix jest check you fuses they most likely are somewere under the driver side under the dashboard

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Get a Haynes Repair Manual at the local Auto Zone or auto parts store in your area. It will troubleshoot and show you how to fix your vehicle. Also on the Auto Zone site has a section for vehicle maintenance

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But if need be taking the panel off is one way to get to the switch.http://www.autozone.com/servlet/uibroker...

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The Harnes has a wiring diagram too. Very nice to trace wires.

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The two major parts to look at are the master window switch, and the wiring between the driver side door and the body. The early ninety cars have a bad tendency to break there.

1993 and 1997 accord hoods are the same?

common problem was broken wires between the door and the body ,over time the wires would brake .from the harness moving back and forth in most cases can be repaired .
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