' 98 ' dodge neon high octane gas only ?

I have a 98 neon that seems to start skipping really bad just lately if I put anything other than 93 octane gas in it.
Im just wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone?


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possible head gasket leaking in the combustion chamber (oil) causing a power imbalance due to improper air fuel ratio in effected cylinder due to the higher burn of 93 octane it is balancing it out ..and lower octane fuel causes vehicle to surge or hesitate ..but that just a theory

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Sounds like a time for an engine tuneup.

Chevy caprice 80s two door four door are they the same frames?

i own a repair shop ,and you may actually need some tune up work done on it because most of those cars that i know of will run good off of regular unleaded they don't require the use of high octane gas,so if yours is acting up ,this may be a good time to have it checked really good ,it may need a good minor tune up and a new gas and air filter on it,I'm sure it wont hurt it none,because those cars usually run really good and get good mileage also,but id have it checked out,good luck with it hope this helps.
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