What does it mean when the gas light blinks on a mercedes clk 320?


Ford transit 1993 power steering failure help please?

The Mercedes CLK class was rated as one of the most unreliable luxury cars by forbes. So if you're not out of gas, you probably have an electrical problem or the fuel sending unit is bad

1995 nissan pick up speedometer?

Geez, wish I had one so I could help. ;o) Maybe you're low on gas or there is a short?

Did you know that Dodge is offering $20,000 to support certain causes/world issues?

you need to fill up gas ...
spit that dope

No tailgate=better mpg?

Maybe You Need Gas

INPUT? pontiac grand prix,car has remote starter,will start but when shut off won't restart till hour later?

I think that means it's time to get some gas.

1988 -1992 Camaros???

Maybe you should add gas in the tank and see of that helps!

We want to buy a new Acura TSX, but the 2007 looks aged. When is the TSX model dued for the next generation?

Well, sh it, Sherlock, it means it's time to gas up.

Is there anything at all I can do add more hp to a 2006 Pont GTP?

It means, trade it in for a Toyota (2 blinks), Honda (5 Blinks).

The car i might buy is a 2004 Mitsubishi galant, what sort of mechanical problems?

I hope you pick up a chick with this strategy. I imagine this was your motive for this question.

I dislike front wheel drive!?

It means you are about out of fuel.

1981 f150 ford?

Probably means you need to gas up. Usually the gas light will be solid when you need to gas up the car. Blinking off and on is more likely to be one of the two below situations.

How do i change my fuel filter on my 99 mazda b2500?

If you think the tank is low but not low enough for the gas light to be on, it's possible the float inside the tank that measures the level of gas is bouncing up and down as you go over bumps or around turns, so is reading things wrong. When in doubt, gas up!

Audi 90 quattro CS - bolt on serpentine pulley broke while driving?

If you did just gas up recently, then there might be something wrong with the sensor in the tank, or with the light. Take it to the shop to have it fixed. If you can't afford that, then try to remember how many miles you get out of a tank, and gas it up at like half that number just to be on the safe side.

How can i get more power out of my pt cruiser?

i own a shop,and if its down next to a 1/4 of a a tank it will flash once in a while but if its up over that mark it may have a sending unit going bad on it,i have seen a few of them go out before ,but most of the time on those its just low on fuel good luck with it hope this helps.

What kind of car is this?

Drive your car for around 500 kms. without putting in any petrol.

Where does the second pipe go for my Cold Air Intake?

You can now tell whether your "gas light indicator" is defective or not.

What is the cost of Maruti swift Diesel VXi on road, chennai?

You need gas. j/k

What is the name of the car that looks like an old corvette?

this is CHEVY not MERCEDES
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