My dodge plymouth's gage is reading overheat but the van is not, can anyone tell me what could be wrong?

The van is running well, brand new radiator and water pump and the fan is working fine.


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I would check the temperature sending unit, if thats ok check the gauge itself.

Does vw golf 1.9 e sdi a good car and what about the diesel mileage?

replace the temperature sending unit and if that doesn't fix it your gauge is bad, go with a aftermarket temperature gauge if the sending unit doesn't fix the problem, much cheeper.

I have a 2001 Buick Century (3.1) that keeps losing water/ coolant. What can be wrong?

check your transmition belt, that happened to m and my belt was the problem

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i own a repair shop and you may have a bad sending unit on it,if its running good and your sure its not over heating any at all,also a bad ground wire will cause this to happen ,id at least have it checked just to be sure,but you need the heat hand working right on it in case it does get hot then you,ll know ,good luck with it i hope this helps.

Can someone teach me how to reset the Toyota vios trip meter to zero?

thermostat maybe stuck check it out
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