1984 Porsche 944?

I'm looking to buy a 84 944. Are there any nagging problems I need to be aware of.


If I had 2003 expedition, would my transmission go out if I got some 26 inch rims on it?


How much would it cost...?

Yes - your wife will certainly nag you for buying it.

Isn't this great news...MBZ is ready to DUMP Chrysler!!?

I always wanted one of those. The nagging thing was i could never afford it!

Does a vw golf 2.0 gti mk4 have cambelt or chain driven?

Yes.many many of them...the timing belt tensioner is the water pump and leaks... the car is impossible to work on...unless you are an avid car repair buff and have a fat wallet that needs to go on a major diet...stay away and don't be duped into thinking it may be a Porsche.it's a Junksche
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