1992 nissan maxima stalls?

my 92 maxima gxe, stalls for no reason. it can be hot or cold, usually when the car is warm. i'll stop at a light and it stalls, starts back up and will stall sometimes and others it will run great for a couple of days. sometimes it will not get over 2200 rpm. any ideas? o2,maf, fuel pump,coil? also i get a bad gas smell when i turn on the heat otherwise no smell. anyone?? thanks bob...


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I would start with checking fuel lines. Make sure all the lines are in good condition and check the clamps. Then check your coil packs. Make sure all the connector are seated properly. Next your MAF. You can get some cleaner from your local parts store. When you clean the MAF, change your filter. Also your o2 sensor, if your running too rich will cause the smell of fuel. Normally the car will act strange (lack of power, and weired sound) when accelerating. You can have your local parts store check your computer for any trouble codes also. O2 sensors will definitely show up on the trouble codes. I'm willing to bet its your O2 sensor.

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Could be a leaking fuel line on engine. Smelling gas when heat turned on says fumes enter car when air is drawn in. Stalls when air enters fuel line, runs when fuel pressure is greater than demand. DO NOT drive till fixed, FIRE hazard!!

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some ware in your fuel system, you have a leak, and it is letting air get in wich is probably choking off some of the fuel delevery
that would cause a very noticable gasoline odor

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i dont like that car but i am nissan altama 04 2.0 and its fast i have everything on it
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