1990 jeep cherokee v6...when I apply my brakes motor doesn't idle down..on start up rpms stick at about?

3000 rpms. Just about rear-ended somebody the other day. If I pop the gas pedal sometimes it fixes the rpm problem. What could be my problem? Have had to turn engine off just to get it to stop but then on immediate start up again...rpms stuck again. It's a by chance if I chose to go anywhere safely.


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Most of the above answers are correct and yes, you have an Inline 6, not V-6, with a Renix fuel injection system...no choke,but I could add one more item. You have a stepper motor in the throttle body that sets and maintains idle speed. It can and WILL stick if it never is cleaned and do exactly what you are talking about.
One more thing and it is a bit of long shot. Does the idle speed change when you hit the brakes. If your Cherokee does not have the Bendix ABS, you have a vacuum booster. If it were damaged, you would get a big shot of air into the intake upon brake application and that would speed up the engine. If the brake application increases idle speed, try to disconnect TEMPORARY>>DO NOT DRIVE!. See if the idle is more stable.

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Good Luck

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It sounds to me like the automatic choke is sticking open, making your vehicle rev right up, making it very dangerous, especially if the roads are slippery. The way that automatic choke is supposed to work is on a cold morning, you pump the gas pedal once to open the choke, so when it starts, it won't stall, but it is supposed to close down to almost shut when the engine is warmed up to a predetermined spot. In your case, the choke is staying open, or even going further open than necessary. Either get the choke fixed, or get someone to adjust the idling screw on the carburator so it doesn't wind those rpms out like that. Until you get it fixed, instead of shutting it off to stop it, just slide it in neutral and apply the brakes. It will stop then.Those auto-chokes were a pain in the -------!

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Call car talk

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Your vehicle is equipped with fuel injection, and there is no choke as somebody stated. One of a few things can cause this. A binding accelerator cable, extremely carboned throttle body, or a vacuum leak. I have seen the throttle linkage on the side of the intake get worn and stick (happened on my '88). When that happens, woohoo hold on!! Most likely that is the case with yours. Next time it binds up, shut off the engine and check on the side of the intake, you'll see the linkage. Work it a little and see if it snaps back. If it does, there is your problem.

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I would Check your Throttle Cable Or Throttle Linkage And Return springs on your Throttle body. With the engine and key off For Smooth operation.
If thats ok (not sticking or really stiff) I'd then look for a major Vaccuum leak. If Not that ,Then You Need A Computer Scan Done.

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Sounds like the throttle cable may be binding under the air cleaner.Also check for repairable vacuum hose leaks as they can cause excessive RPMs.

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i would say the problem is because somebody removed the I-6 and stuck a V-6 under the hood ....

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thats not good...but i just wanted to say that your jeep isn't a v6 it's a 4.0 litre strait 6...big difference
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