1988 Chevy Caprice Classic?

I have a 1988 chevy caprice, and I have a hard time starting it. It runs fine when it starts, but after I shut it off, I can't get it started again. It turns over, but won't start. It floods up on me. I have to keep the pedal to the floor for about 30-45 minutes before it will start. What could be the problem? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Ps. I've been told it's my choke. Do you think it could be this, and if so, how could I get it fixed?


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If the car has a 4 barrel carb, your start up cold problem is cause by an internal float bowl overnight leak (fuel) down problem. Once started, the fuel will stay in the bowl for the day, but leak down when parked. To prove my point, have a helper apply a couple of shots of starter fluid into the air cleaner snorkel just before starting cold and see if the engine starts.

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more than likely you need to tune it up

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This could be caused by a few issues. First I'd check all the vacuum hoses for a leak. Next, I'd verify that the spark plugs are firing.
Good Luck...

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If you're in the U.S. you will have troubles with your carbureted vehicle on todays easy boil fuel.

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This problem often occurs in older cars, the starter is most likely wornout. It is an easy, cheap fix. All you need to do is take it in to your local automotives shop and tell them what is happening and that you need a new starter. Depending on where you go it may cost fro $25 to $40. Not bad at all. Hope I was of help.

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It could be the choke pulloff,or the carb needs to be rebuilt

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Replace the choke pull-off valve ( a $20.00 dollar fix).

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Sounds like a sticky float or float valve in the Carb. Sometimes tapping the side of the carb with a wrench helps. Might need a good Carb cleaning.
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