What cars have an Active Rear Spoiler?


I have a '99 pontiac and it started for a few seconds then died.?

many of the porsches and the bugatti veyron does too. but the bugatti doesnt help if your going to buy a car with an active spoiler


All spoilers are active in some way or another, good or bad

I was wondering what would be the absolute best engine to put in a Toyota Celica?

Porsche Boxster has a wing that comes up and goes down due to speed to hold rear of car. A true active spoiler.

Why can a Nissan 350Z with a 3.5L V6 put out 300 hp but a 2007 Ford Mustang w/ a 4.0 V6 put out only 210?


My 1997 528I BMW head gasket blew three months after I took it to a dealer to get checked! Should I complain?

Some 911 models also have spoilers that move.

Should I put 235/75/R15 tires on my 2001 Xterra? I Currently have 30x9.5R15, but would like something cheaper.

Mistsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Also has an active spoiler.
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