Were id the best place for engine modifications for my volvo 440 turbo?


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Depends on what you want to do.
You can do a few things yourself if your handy with tools.

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First off a good induction kit can add a couple of bhp and lb's pf torque. fifty or sixty quid should get youa a K&N or equivalant. Dead easy to fit.

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Secondly and really easy to do is to wind up your turbo actuator. To do this you need to find a little flying saucer shaped thingy with a rod bolted to an arm on your turbo.
Take off the split pin/ ring that holds the end of the rod onto the arm and then undo the nut that is just behind the end of the rod by two or three turns, then screw down the end of the rod to where the nut is and tighten the nut back up.
This will give you a couple of extra pounds of boost with no real detriment to your engine. Dont shorten the rod too much cos you may end up with too much boost and blow your turbo or even the engine.

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After market stainless steel exhausts offer some increase in bhp and torque as the are of a bigger bore than standard and improve the flow of the exhaust gasses.

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Any further bits you want to do like ecu upgrades and fuel managment you would generally get a pro to do but things like alloy intercoolers or chargecoolers can be done yourself if you ok with the tools.

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And remember as you mod your engine you also need to be thinking about brakes and suspension, theres no point in the extra power if the chassis cant handle it.

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If your in the UK try Well Lane Turbo centre in yorkshire, Courtney Turbo is in london or coventry I think and place like Severn Valley motorsport in the midlads are ok too.

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Good luck and happy modding.
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